Make a GIANT impact on your business with balloon advertising.

If you are the owner of a business or are considering starting your own business, then you know the power of balloon advertising. What better way to use the power of advertising then to do so on a giant advertising balloon. These balloons are immediately eye-catching and will draw the costumers in to your business. Advertising blimps are an affordable cost to even the small business owner. Some of their blimps range in size from 4.5′ to 20′, with prices ranging from $109 to $1334. Of course is not the only game in town.,, and are also in the balloon and blimp rental business. All of these websites are able to offer a wide variety of options to consumers. Dancing balloons are a popular option for birthday parties and other special occasions. These balloons are often in the design of puppets with waving arms, they are both eye-catching and affordable. Some of the puppet balloon options can be seen at this link:

Giant Inflatable Dancing Man balloonGiant Inflatable Dancing Man balloon

Now of course, balloons and blimps are not just for advertising purposes. Many families choose to liven up their Christmas or Halloween displays with festive inflatables. These types of inflatables feature characters such as Santa and Frosty the Snowman. Some may even choose to show off their American patriotism with inflatables designed for the fourth of July.

Uncle Sam - 30ft.Uncle Sam – 30ft.

If none of these types of balloons appeal to you, or you just have something else in mind, then you may consider designing your own personal balloon on While the option to flat out purchase one of these balloons, many simply choose to rent. This allows for flexibility for the consumer who may only want to have their balloon for a short period of time. Anyone interesting in purchasing or renting a balloon or blimp should consider the sites listed above.