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Parade Balloons For Brand Building

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Parade Balloons will really help in your product branding.

Nothing lights up a child or adult like a parade balloon. The colors, shapes and varieties are endless … and so are the happy emotions when anyone sees a balloon float by. Regardless of size, a parade balloon creates an atmosphere of joy and excitement in everyone who sees it. Balloons make excellent attention-getters for companies, groups and anyone else who wants to attract attention to their message.

Giant 40 ft. Angel Helium Parade BalloonGiant 40 ft. Angel Helium Parade Balloon

Designs of parade balloons are as varied as the balloons themselves. Cartoon characters, space vehicles, toys, sports equipment, Big Foot and everything else from Amazon women to zebras have been floating in the air all over the world. And they’re not limited to being used in parades. A parade balloon can open up a new supermarket or car dealership, welcome guests to a retreat or conference, or just spice up a company picnic or sorority dance. The places to use balloons and the way to use them are also just as infinite.

Small businesses announcing a location, corporations launching a new product or breakthrough idea and elementary schools getting the kids excited for Halloween all use parade balloons to generate attention, thrills and fun.

Giant Star Helium Parade BalloonGiant Star Helium Parade Balloon

Parade balloons vary greatly in size, from small 5 cubic foot floaters to giant 60 foot long monsters, only the creator’s imagination limits what can be done. Costs to produce parade balloons depend on the size and complexity of the project, ranging from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. Some parade balloons can be rented for special events, with costs starting below $500 all the way up to $10,000 or more. A lot depends on the amount of helium required to fill the balloon as well as where and how long it is going to be displayed. Handlers for the balloons are an important part of the cost picture and as the size increases, so does the costs for handlers.

Giant Elephant Helium Balloon for EventsGiant Elephant Helium Balloon for Events

As advertising media, parade balloons are unsurpassed in getting and holding the public’s attention. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is a testament to the importance and enjoyment we place upon seeing these lighter-than-air delights.

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Giant Balloons Make A Giant Impact

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Make a GIANT impact on your business with balloon advertising.

If you are the owner of a business or are considering starting your own business, then you know the power of balloon advertising. What better way to use the power of advertising then to do so on a giant advertising balloon. These balloons are immediately eye-catching and will draw the costumers in to your business. Advertising blimps are an affordable cost to even the small business owner. Some of their blimps range in size from 4.5′ to 20′, with prices ranging from $109 to $1334. Of course advertisingblimps.com is not the only game in town. bonanzaballoons.com, arizonaballoon.com, and advertising-inflatables.com are also in the balloon and blimp rental business. All of these websites are able to offer a wide variety of options to consumers. Dancing balloons are a popular option for birthday parties and other special occasions. These balloons are often in the design of puppets with waving arms, they are both eye-catching and affordable. Some of the puppet balloon options can be seen at this link: http://www.advertisingblimps.com/html/danseurs.html.

Giant Inflatable Dancing Man balloonGiant Inflatable Dancing Man balloon

Now of course, balloons and blimps are not just for advertising purposes. Many families choose to liven up their Christmas or Halloween displays with festive inflatables. These types of inflatables feature characters such as Santa and Frosty the Snowman. Some may even choose to show off their American patriotism with inflatables designed for the fourth of July.

Uncle Sam - 30ft.Uncle Sam – 30ft.

If none of these types of balloons appeal to you, or you just have something else in mind, then you may consider designing your own personal balloon on www.advertising-inflatables.com. While the option to flat out purchase one of these balloons, many simply choose to rent. This allows for flexibility for the consumer who may only want to have their balloon for a short period of time. Anyone interesting in purchasing or renting a balloon or blimp should consider the sites listed above.

Advertising Balloons in Marketing

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Advertising Balloons in Marketing

When companies are trying to reach their target audience, it can hard to come up with a unique way to get their attention. Billboards are now so common that can are typically ignored by drivers and television commercials are becoming obsolete as many people tend to mute the television during the breaks. A unique way for businesses to gain the attention of their audience is to rent a giant balloon with their ad printed on the side. Advertising balloons in marketing are a new way of promoting a company and can easily attract many customers.

Advertising Balloons for Business Marketing - Pineapple Helium BalloonAdvertising Balloons for Business Marketing – Pineapple Helium Balloon

While billboards and television commercials are the most traditional form of advertising, they may not be able to reach as many people as you would like. Some people may not drive and thus, will not see any billboards that are posted alongside roads. Others may not own televisions so paying for commercials is pointless. Renting out an advertisement balloon is a surefire way that a large variety of people will see your ad and understand its message.

Cube Shape advertising balloonCube Shape advertising balloon

These giant balloons can be posted almost anywhere and are great for areas near malls or somewhere where there is a high number of people daily. The main focus of advertising is that as many people as possible can see it and will follow through with purchasing the item displayed. An advertisement balloon is much more noticeable then a simple flier somewhere, which will give the company an upper hand when promoting their business.

Advertising balloons are an excellent way to improve sales for your company and get your name more noticed by the everyday consumer. These balloons are typically very affordable to rent and can be easily used by almost anyone. Spending your money on an advertisement balloon, rather then commercials, is a great investment and can help a business dramatically.

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